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Tokio Hotel takes over Tokyo's Audi Forum

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In the Land of the Rising Sun for the MTV Video Music Aid Japan event, Tokio Hotel treated fans to a pre-show performance at the Audi Forum in Tokyo, Japan on Friday (June 24).

With Bill Kaulitz, Georg Listing, Tom Kaulitz and Gustav Schafer joined together, the popular quartet partook in an interview session while also offering up acoustic renditions of the songs "Automatic" and "Phantomrider".


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Meanwhile, Tokio Hotel is all set to perform two songs at Saturday's MTV Video Music Aid Japan to raise funds in response to the March 11 earthquake and tsunami leveling the country.

Hosted by Japanese pop sensation AKB48, the MTVMAJs will also see performances by Lady Gaga, Tokio Hotel, Namie Amuro, Girls' Generation, SHINee, Exile, Kana Nishino, One Night Only and Monkey Majik while confirmed presenters include AI, AK-69, Thelma Aoyama, Beni, MiChi, Naoto Inti Raymi, Anna Tsuchiya, w-inds, Verbal and Marie, Shion, Sun Wei and Kozue from "Shibuhara Girls", MTV's new Japanese reality drama.



Tokio Hotel Hits MTV's Video Music Aid Japan

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One of the most popular worldwide acts around, Tokio Hotel, lent their talents to the MTV Video Music Aid Japan at Chiba City in suburban Tokyo on Saturday (June 25).

Following a red carpet interview and photo session, Bill Kaulitz, Georg Listing, Tom Kaulitz and Gustav Schafer took to the Makuhari messe stage to offer up stirring performance of "Dark Side of the Sun" and "Monsoon".

The event, typically called the MTV Video Music Awards Japan, was renamed to support of the victims of the March 11 tsunami and earthquake disaster.

Following their VMAJ efforts, the members of Tokio Hotel took to the Flea Market For Tohoku - which held an auction where fans were able to buy sponsored or personal items of stars and artists with all proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society's relief efforts.



Audo showcase performance Tokyo 6-24-2011

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Here are some photos from today's event. :)

Photo gallery

Automatic performance

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Bill and Tom arriving in Japan

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Gustav and Georg arrived first. Then about 7pm Japan time Bill and Tom arrived. Here is cute video of their arrival. Even the shy Japanese fans have a hard time containing their excitement. :)

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"Bill is suddenly a man!" 6-22-11

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Three-day beard, muscle shirt - "Tokio Hotel"-Bill is suddenly a man!


Three-day beards, mirrored aviator googles, muscle shirt and endcool pose: That is not really...? And how they are!


In Los Angeles,  the "Tokio Hotel"-twins Tom and Bill Kaulitz (21) presented themselves so mature that even die-hard fans almost did not recognized them.


Under  a puzzled fan with the username  "palabrafreak" posted: "I'm totally confused by the picture." User "THTHgeil": "These are not the Twins, I knew." And the user "totgeliebt_" grumbled even a little bit on the new look: "This is phony, you can see, that this is not our Bill."


To get used to the twins is for the fans not the first time...


In the past, "Tokio"-Bill had again and again experimented with his looks and imploded courageously with a striking eye makeup, flashy outfits and crazy hair styles fashion gender boundaries.


Original article


Dreitagebart, Muskelshirt - "Tokio Hotel"-Bill plötzlich Mann!

Dreitagebärte, verspiegelte Fliegerbrillen, Muskelshirt und endcoole Pose: Das sind doch nicht etwa...? Und wie sie das sind!

In Los Angeles präsentierten sich die "Tokio Hotel"-Zwillinge Tom und Bill Kaulitz (21) so erwachsen, dass sogar eingefleischte Fans die beiden fast nicht erkannt haben...

Unter postete ein verdutzter Fan mit dem Usernamen "palabrafreak": "Mich verwirrt das Bild total." User "THTHgeil": "Das sind nicht die Twins, die ich kannte." Und User "totgeliebt_" schimpfte sogar ein wenig auf den neuen Look: "DAS ist doch AUFGESETZT! Man sieht, dass das nicht unser Bill ist." Umgewöhnen müssen sich die Fans bei den Zwillingen aber nicht zum ersten Mal...

In der Vergangenheit hatte "Tokio"-Bill immer wieder mit seinem Aussehen experimentiert und mit ausgefallenem Augen-Make-up, verrückten Outfits und schrillen Frisuren mode-mutig die Geschlechtergrenzen gesprengt.

Translation by TokioHotel-Info


Bill and Tom at Nivea Event

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The Kaulitz twins attended an event in Bel Air California on June 18th. It was sponsored by Nivea and the designer Shay Todd.

What an amazing surprise for fans! I think it's safe to say...LA does a body good. :)


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YAY, we're so happy to see MTV do something for TOKIO HOTEL in the USA!! Although this one is just for East Coast fans, maybe they'll look for fans in other parts of the USA next. We'll be ready!!! 8)

MTV is looking for Tokio Hotel's BIGGEST fan on the East Coast to feature as a Superfan of the week!

Are you known as a Tokio Hotel Super fan? Have you been to every concert in the tri-state area? Is your room covered in the band's photos and memorabilia? Do you live, breathe and sleep Tokio Hotel??


If so, We want to hear from you!


We want YOU to represent Tokio Hotel and tell the world why you're a Super fan!


If you're picked, we're coming to your home to find out all about how the band affects your world -- your wardrobe, your decor, your current playlist, the way you're dealing with a recent breakup.


The Super Fan is funny, compelling, relatable and absolutely obsessed with Tokio Hotel!


Does this sound like you?


If so, Email us at:

Put "Tokio Hotel Superfan" in the subject line and include the following:




AGE: (MUST be at least 16 years old)




RECENT PHOTO of Yourself:




CITY/STATE: (You MUST live on the East Coast)






DESCRIBE YOUR CRAZIEST ACT OF FANDOM: (have you spent thousands to see them numerous times? Do you dress up like them? Is your entire room covered in posters? do you have a band Tattoo?)







Feel free to attach Photos or links that will help your case!

We will follow up with you should you be selected!


Bravo Magazine Russia interview with Tokio Hotel

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Finally it happened! Tokio Hotel arrived in Moscow to the Muz-TV Awards! BRAVO met the band and learned a lot of interesting details about their life.


BRAVO’s editor Liza has interviewed the guys at Olympiysky a few minutes before the Muz-TV Awards.

Bravo: There was really huge crowd of fans in front of the hotel. They came to see you, but suddenly one security came out and said, that you had asked the girls not to scream.

*All of them are laughing*

Georg and Tom: Whaaat?!

Bill: Whoa! We never said that! On the contrary we love so much our fans to greet us with happy cries! Next time, when you hear something like that, you should tell us, we will kick him out immediately!

Bravo: Oh, thanks God! Did you take your dogs to Moscow again?

Bill: No, unfortunately we didn’t… They stayed at home. Last year we took two our big dogs (German short-haired and Labrador) on tour with us. But we’re not going to stay in Moscow for that long, so we decided not to make dogs nervous. Flight is a huge stress for them. If I could change the rules, I’d let animals travel on board the plane. During the tour when we traveled by bus the dog slept with me in my bed.

Bravo: Bill, the video where you appeared with beard made some buzz in the Net. Was it real beard?

Tom: Nope! It’s postproduction! It was painted on the computer later. *All of them are laughing*

Bill: Maybe you’ll be surprised, but my beard grows too. I didn’t expect my 3-days bristle would make such ballyhoo. The camera was not so good and I thought no one would notice it. Actually at home I’m always unshaven. And I shave if I have to go out.

Bravo: You also dressed up today… You have a hood with fur. But it’s 25C degrees in Moscow!

Bill: Yes, I didn‘t know, that it’s so hot here!

Tom: Btw, I have to draw your attention that it’s not real fur! And we are vegetarians actually.

Bravo: Cool! Bill, have you and your brother already made a twin-tattoo that you have planned?

Bill: Tom can’t finally make up his mind to do it! He is afraid of tattoos.

Tom: I’ve already made painful piercings, but tattoos… it’s kind of scary. Why do I have to cover my beautiful body with tattoos? *Bill is laughing* I think, it would be suitable for Bill if he would tattoo all his body including face. It’s a pity if I make it on my beautiful face.

Bravo: But if you finally decide to make it, what would it be?

Bill: A little message understandable for two of us only somewhere no one could see.

Bravo: Bill, Adam Lambert talks about you in each interview. What if he calls you and invites you to the restaurant?

Bill: I don’t know him, and he doesn’t know my phone number! So, he seems not to be fated to dine with me *looks cunning*

Bravo: I‘ve found something in the Internet! There is such thing as twincest. It’s twins who are in love with each other and so on…

*Guys look really puzzled?*

Tom: Ehmmmm… Are there twins who in LOVE WITH EACH OTHER?

Bill: Twin-cest?

Bravo: Yes, some people even draw you in different poses…

Bill: Me and Tom?!

Tom: What a bullshit? Is it legal, actually? *laughs*

Bill: Maybe this people are insane.

Tom: Sorry, but I don‘t want to have something in common with this people. *all laughing*

Bravo: Yes, there is a lot of people with insane fantasy. But what was the last case when you met inadequate people?

Bill: The last terrible case was when someone broke into our house in Germany. Because of this we have moved to the USA and now we’re living in LA. It’s too hard to live in Europe. Some people are just going crazy. They have kind of mania. They can do everything! May be there are those crazy ones among them who make twincest. * laughing* One day we understood, that we have to stay under security’s control all the time. Such life became unbearable…

Bravo: What are you doing in LA?

Bill: We’re working on our new album. On weekends I swim in the pool the whole day and have fun in amusement park. Tom and me are obsessed with it. Btw, we celebrated our 20th Birthday in amusement park, but it was in Germany.

Tom: I like jet-ski and quadrocycles. I like everything with engine! In LA we also like the fact that we can go to the supermarket and buy yoghurt, rent a car.

Georg: Make an intimate haircut in salon… *Everyone laughing*

Bill: Besides it’s cool that all supermarkets in the USA are opened round-the-clock!

Tom: But we live a bit distantly even there. We can’t be free for 100%. Most of the time we’re staying at home.


“It’s a pity, that we can’t take our dogs with us”

“Since our house was robbed, we can’t live in Europe anymore”

Under the Pics:

1. Bill knows only one song in Russian – “Kalinka” (guelder-rose)

2. The fans were waiting for their favorite band during 48 hours!

3. Bill was walking in warm hood in Moscow

4. Guys signed autographs in front of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel

5. Musicians were happy to be in Moscow again.

6. While fans were waiting, Tom was making his cornrows.

7. Tom gave advice to Bill: tattoo all his face.

8. Georg made fun of Tom all the time

Pictures from the article will be added soon.

Source Tokio Hotel America

translation credit to Haylie, Nancy, Elodia


Best Rocker Boy Band -USA VOTE HERE

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Tokio Hotel is nominated on a USA Radio Station Site for Best Rocker Boys!


Q102's Rocker Boy Bracket Competition Is On!We know you love cute boys with guitars! We know you download all of their music, have pictures of them as your screensavers on your phones and computers. You're obsessed with them and we love you for that!

Now, all you have to do is show your love, dedication, and vote for your favorite Rocker Boy Band to keep them in the competition. We'll start with 16 bands and narrow it down from there... all based on YOUR VOTES.

VOTE NOW to determine which band will win the crown!

Read more:


Win a set of Tokio Hotel for Japan buttons!

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It's time for another giveaway! This time the prize is a set of Tokio Hotel for Japan buttons.

All you have to do is "like" or comment our facebook post HERE to be entered for a chance to win. Drawing will be held Friday June 3rd. Good luck!