MuzTV - Online Conference with Tokio Hotel - Questions & Answers

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The fans had the opportunity to ask questions to Tokio Hotel, MuzTV has published the questions and answers of the Online Conference today.

1. Bill, can you grow your hair long again?

Bill: Why not? I don't really plan my hairstyle, so that might happen.

2. What is the maximum sum you've spent for charity?

Bill: I hate it when people talk about how much money they've spend just for getting some nice press. All four of us definitely spend a lot of money on charity but we would never talk about any amount!

3. So, you've sung Monsun o koete in Japanese, what about Russian?

Bill: Gustav knows a couple of Russian words and phrases, may be we let him perform a Russian Monsoon version?

4. Can you imagine HOW MUCH you are loved and awaited in Russia in general?

Bill: Yes we can, within the last couple of month we received thousands of emails, comments and letters by our Russian fans, that was pretty impressive. Thanks for that!!! We cant wait to come over…

5. Georg, do you know that many fans call you Rapunzel?

Georg: Haha, no that's the first time I heard of this.

Tom: But I love... - I think we all love it!!! What a perfect description!

6. Have you seen all the actions that were arranged by Russian fans to get your concert in Russia?

Tom: We saw all comments, emails and letters and that's why we are back. It was really touching us and we can feel the endless support!

7. Gustav, do you remember anything from your Russian language lessons at school?

Gustav: Sure! I still know some phrases. Our trip to Moscow is a great opportunity to refresh some of it!

8. Tom, do you know that fur cap with ear flaps (or ushanka cap) is a national Russian piece of clothes?

Tom: I didn't know that, but I'll wear mine now more often I love them!

9. Do you like your passport photos?

Georg: German passport photos have to stick to certain regulations such as no smiling and a certain positioning of your head. They always look awful.

Tom: No, mine looks great!

Gustav: Yeah, mine too!

Bill: Yes, mine as well… maybe it's just you Georch!

10. Many people say that Russian girls are the most beautiful, what's your opinion?

Tom: Let me put it like this, I can't wait to spend another night in Russia!

11. Tom, is it you who post in blog on

Tom: Sure, check it out if you have a minute.

12. When was the last time you had sex?

Tom: Would be easier figure out the last time when I didn't had sex

13. Do your former classmates try to contact with you somehow?

Georg: Some of our former classmates are still our best friends, so yes.

14. You've shooted a couple of commercials with Alice Cooper, what impression did he make?

Bill: Working with Cooper was really fun, we had a great time and he is a nice guy!

15. You travel a lot and now you've left your home country Germany and moved to USA. Do you often call your parents?

Tom: Our family means the world to us, we are really close and speak every day.

16.1) According to pessimists everything goes in a circle in life. According to optimists everything goes by spiral, dreamers think all goes by a straight line. How is it in your life?

Tom: Unfortunately I must say that I'm more the pessimist in almost every situation. But Georch is the big dreamer in the band

3) If you were 4 simple guys and were huge fans of some artist, and you wanted to attract his/her attention, what would you do?

Tom: Bill knows, as he was a huge fan as a child.

Bill: Right, I know how it is to wait in line for hours to get the best seats at a show and all that stuff, so I really appreciate all the fandom and know exactly how fans feel.

Tom: And Georg still knows how that feels. He's a huge fan of mine. He always trys to get my attention by running around naked whenever he can. And it works every once in a while

17. What thing would you make as the 8th world wonder? You travel a lot, may be you've seen something interesting that struck and inspired you?

Tom: Hm, that's hard to tell. Recently we had the chance to see the Maya pyramids in mexico. That was really impressive! But the world as itself and life on earth is the biggest wonder to me!

18. Gustav, you make an impression of a highly professional and strongest musician in the band, a heir of Lars Ulrich. Besides you legs in your shorts excite many girls' hearts! How do you see the musical development of the band? What perspectives you have?

Gustav: Not only the lovely Russian girls might get exited, I also wear the shorts especially for Georg When it comes to our future plans, we don't really stick to a certain strategy, it's all about the momentum and the inspiration.

19. What is David Bowie for you, Bill?

Bill: As a child I watched Bowies Movie "Labyrith" a trillion times. That's where I first noticed him and his work. He's an Icon!

20. Bill, you're one of the brightest frontmen and artists on today's stage. Tell me, when are you going to stop being shy and finally try to conquer the whole world?

Bill: With Tokio Hotel we are already travelling around the world. Where ever our fans ask us to play a show we try to go at least once. But we still can't get enough. A huge world tour is our next goal!

21. Many artists like Dero from Oomph! use internet blogs to keep in touch with their fans, reveal their ideas and thoughts there, life and philosophical views, share their opinions about religion and world and other important things. Tom, how do all the things that are published in your blog reflect your inner world?

Tom: I use my blog to share cool stuff and my personal opinion on more serious topics such as animal welfare. In general the blog is a fun thing for me. I share stuff that interests me and things I found on the internet that I just like.

22. 1) Bill, you say you want to control everything. And what if someone controls you?

Bill: I don't want to control people I want to be in charge of my own music, videos, and artworks. Already as a child I hated authorities and they hated me.

2) Are there any clothes that when you see them you'll never put them on and you'll say it's too much for you?

Bill: There is a lot. But, for example: short pants and real fur.

Tom: More the second one. You live just once and I want to try everything I can. Faults always happen... not often to me, but they happen

23. Humanoid City Tour became a great step in your professional and musical growth. What is it for you – this album and tour? Has Russia any opportunity to see Humanoid City Tour live?

Tom: We are really happy to have the chance to perform at least a few songs for our Russian fans now. And we are going to include Russia in any future touring, we always had a great time here!

24. Bill, during signing sessions you just sign something and say few words to your fans. But sometimes you raise your eyes and look at them. What do you see in their eyes at those moments I wonder? I remember, you said you all like eyes Georg, there are rumors you have relations?

Bill: We love signing sessions. It's a great way to get in touch with your fans and understand their thoughts and feelings. I have the chance to see their real emotions and that's what is really important to me! In that moments all the negative things are blown away and I can feel their love!

Georg: Fortunately that's not a legend, I have a girlfriend


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Translation [Questions] by Nancy @ Tokio Hotel Russia


Translation - InRock Magazine #329

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Great interview with Bill and Tom in the Japanese magazine InRock Mag issue #329.


Bill & Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel

Interview: AI Anazawa

Tokio Hotel show their concern for Japan. Representing the band are the brothers, Bill & Tom Kaulitz who kindly agreed to give a telephone interview from Los Angeles at short notice.

Q: How have you guys been?

Bill: We’ve been writing songs in the studio, launching new projects, stuff like that.

Q: Are you writing new songs for the next album?

Tom: It may or may not be for the next album, we’re just writing songs at this stage. We still don’t have a defined plan for releasing the new album and we don’t know when we will release it. We’re just being creative, writing music.

Q: What kind of songs are you writing? Are you singing it in English? Or are they being written in German?

Bill: Right now, the songs are more or less written in English. I don’t really know why myself. Just that it comes naturally to me. Besides, we’re living in LA now so somehow things tend to get done in English. However we’re not sure how we are eventually going to compile the album because we definitely will do songs in German. Since nothing has been decided and we’re still at the experimental stage, we’re just trying out different things while we put a demo of the songs together.

Q: Does your recording company and management not pressure you to complete the album by a certain date, or are they fairly relaxed about it?

Tom: (laughs) They are not relaxed about it. But we’re just staying cool and calm.

Bill: Yup, technically we don’t have a deadline. I mean, for me, deadlines are like nightmares. In the creative line, you’re trying very hard to produce good work but having to deal with a deadline just messes things up and make its even more complicated. What’s more important is the freedom to enjoy doing what you love to do. Even if it seems like making an album is about completing the songs and making detailed preparations, its actually something which needs to come from inside of us. That is why right now we want to take it easy so that we can enjoy new challenges*.

* probably referring to the challenge of creating a new album.

Q: So, what kind of challenges are you taking on, what sound are you trying to create?

Tom: That’s a surprise we’re keeping for the release of the next album. In the first place, we are creating something different everyday. We listen to various kinds of music, and are inspired by different things so it really depends on the mood at each point in time. We’re doing this everyday and everyday is a new day.

Bill: That’s right. That’s why we don’t have a definitive sound for the next album.

Q: What kind of music inspires you?

Tom: Its not just music actually. For now I really like the older works by Anthony Hamilton.

Bill: We are also inspired by movies and what’s happening around us. Everyday life in a place like LA is very refreshing and therefore inspiring. Just being able to wake up each morning is also an inspiration. But I would say movies play a bigger part. We really like movies. We do go to the theatres or we watch one from our 1000+ dvd collection in our home theater.

Q: Any good films so far?

Bill: The Town was good. I also think The Fighter was really good.

Q: About your life in LA, do you think you are somewhat able to live a more normal life? After all you’re kind of “unknown” compared to Germany.

Bill: Well, the both of us came to LA because we wanted some privacy in our lives. Up to this point we’ve not been able to enjoy much privacy, and it’s a bit difficult to achieve that in Europe due to certain circumstances. Therefore, we were looking for a place where we can be free to be creative and at the same time enjoy some privacy. Up till now, we’ve been on tour and haven’t had the time for any kind of life outside of Tokio Hotel. In that sense, LA is quite suitable because things are quite different. The *paparazzi don’t know where we live so we’ve been able to enjoy some privacy and take things a bit easier.

Tom: It doesn’t mean that we get to play and party every day. Most of the time, we’re cooped up in the studio.

Bill: Yes, **we do need to be cautious at all times.

*(Japanese word is unclear, so I’m guessing he’s referring to paparazzi)

**Bill is probably saying this to mean that if they were out and about and careless, their location would be found out. It took me a while to understand >_<

Q: SO is there some kind of everyday routine in your life?

Bill: We’re really bad when it comes to routines. That’s why we do different things everyday. Other than checking our emails, we’re currently busy with several of this year’s projects. Its still in the planning phase and we havent got the details down yet. There are various things we’d like to do this year. The best part of our job is having the freedom to do what we want. We really hate routines because when we were young we had to go to school everyday like a routine, and we just hated it but we had no choice.

Q: Finally, do you have any words for the people in Japan?

Bill: Of course. We’ve been checking the news everyday and staying up-to-date on the latest developments in Japan. I think it’s not just us but the whole world knows what’s going on and that has deeply moved everybody. I think everyone wants to help in one way or another. Especially in this day and age, I think it’s important for the world to unite and help each other out. It’s really wonderful to actually see the world giving a helping hand to Japan.

Tom: I was really shocked when I first heard about what happened in Japan. After all it is a country that is special to us. And we were so saddened by the news. So we’ve been looking out for information about whether the people are alright. On our official website we are selling a button set and the proceeds from the sales will be donated to Japan. I also think our fans would like to play a part in helping out.

Q: Is there a song you would like to dedicate to those who are still feeling down?

Bill: Because everybody is different, it’s quite hard to find one thing to say to everybody but if I were to choose from our songs, I would choose “By Your Side” and “Zoom Into Me”. Both songs give the assurance that you’re not alone and it’s a message I would like to emphasize. After all, it makes you feel happy if you know that people around the world feel for you.

26 March 2011 Recorded in Los Angeles

Translation by Tina @THCanada Tokio Hotel America

Elle Interview Japan

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 Adorable interview!!!

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Here are the questions, translated by Theresa, the angel of translations!

Q1: who was the most active one to be in love?

Q2: who has the most childish action?

Q3: which kind of toys do you guys have the most?

Q4: who is very good at sports?

Q5: who is hard to get up early in the morning?

Q6: which of you have the best grade?

Q7: who is not good at falling in love or whose love fortune is the worst?

Oh, and a slightly different translation from Sammi1331

1.Who has the most experience with relationships?

2.Do you ever argue or get on each others’ nerves?

3.What toys do you like/are into lately?

4.Who works out the most?

5.Who sleeps the most/the latest?

6.Who got best grades at school?

7.Why isn’t Bill in a relationship?

Source Tokio Hotel America

Tokio Hotel + Far East Movement?

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Tokio Hotel's Cherrytree Records label mate, Far East Movement, said in an interview with  Zap2it that they would like to work with Tokio Hotel. Awesome!

Zap2it: Who would you like to work with that you haven’t yet?

Prohgress: Definitely the Beastie Boys, they been a huge influence on us from the beginning where we even sampled them on our song “So What” on the Free Wired album, honored they cleared it, but to have them on a song or in a video would be the truth. There’s also a band on our label Cherrytree Records named Tokio Hotel that we been seeing kill it internationally, it would be crazy to do something outside the box with them or our other labelmate Robyn who we went on tour with.

Full interview with Zap2it

Source THA